Hi :)

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Hi! I'm Bleach and i'm a self-taught developer/programmer
that has been writing code as a hobby for over 4 years.

I have a passion for learning and teaching myself new skills
and enjoy working on both personal & collaborative projects.
If you're interested in working on a project together
or just want to chat, feel free to contact me!

Things i'm familiar with


Minecraft 4K Multiplayer

Minecraft 4K with Online Multiplayer support in under 8KB. Play Online

OSM Changeset Visualizer

Modernized and serverless version of osmhv
for visualizing OpenStreetMap changesets.

Icon Generator

Tool that generates template code from over 1500 SVG icons/logos.

Minecraft Mods


BleachHack is a utility mod for Minecraft originally made for endcrystal.me.

One Block At A Time

The 22w13a Minecraft April fools update ported to other versions.


A Mod that imports OpenStreetMap data into Minecraft.



more projects coming soon. probably.

guh?! unfinished section

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me
via Discord (Join the server) or Email.

Discord: Bleach#0136

Email: me@bleach.dev